Water Witches are proud to announce, HALCYON, their Psych-Revival sophomore effort. Another self-produced album that was mixed by Jason Davis at Off The Cuff Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana, mastered by Collin Jordan at the Boiler Room in Chicago, and master cut at Musicol in Columbus, Ohio.


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"This is the best album I've heard come out of an Athens band in many years. 

Get it as soon as you can." - Doug "Rat" Brooks, WOUB, Radio Free Athens

Self-produced and recorded in a basement, Feathers is the debut album from Athens, Ohio Freak Rock group, Water Witches. The album was mixed by Josh Antonuccio at 3 Elliot Studios in Athens, Ohio, and mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio in Cleveland, Ohio. The vinyl was master cut by Dave Polster at Well Made Music in Cleveland, Ohio.

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